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Latest News

The history of the Shelby Mustang GT350 R is detailed in a new documentary available on the Web.

Watch 'The Million Dollar Mustang' part one

Shelby GT350 R


“The Million Dollar Mustang” is not about how much these great cars go for at auctions in today's heady times, but about what made them worth so much in the first place. Nearly five years in the making, the documentary starts out talking about the Ford Mustang in general, how they sold 22,000 of them on the first sales day and then sold a million of them in the first two years and things like that -- the notion that the Mustang was a revolution in American car design and in the American consciousness. Then it starts to narrow its focus more and pretty soon the bulk of the piece is all about the Shelby GT350 R. This is a good place for it to go because that car, made by Carroll Shelby and his team of motorsports greats, took the Falcon-based economy car and made it corner and br

Honda will bring seven vehicles to Pikes Peak this year.

Honda to field seven entries at Pike’s Peak


Honda will join the 2014 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb as a sponsor and a competitor, the company said on Thursday. The company will run five cars up the hill, in addition to a motorcycle and an ATV. "Pikes Peak presents us with a unique opportunity to showcase Honda's diverse product lineup as we work to further strengthen Honda's presence in racing at all levels," said Art St. Cyr, president of Honda Performance Development, the racing arm of American Honda. "Our associates will be working hard between now and race day to prepare this diverse field of race vehicles and showcase the Honda Racing Spirit."In the Unlimited class, the one that Monster Tajima owns, Honda will field the Norma, a Honda-powered purpose-built racer. French driver Romain Dumas will be behind the wheel. In the Pikes Peak Open class, Honda will run

Latest Reviews

An old-timer that still scoots.

2014 Infiniti Q60 Journey Coupe review notes


SENIOR MOTORSPORTS EDITOR MAC MORRISON: This pains me, it really does: Infiniti's Q60 Coupe reminds me of having a 12-year-old dog that's in reasonably good shape, but simultaneously can't help but remind you constantly that it's old, its best days behind it. Eleven years ago -- amazing how quickly the time passed -- the original G35 coupe (and sedan) were among my favorite cars on the market. Strong, growly engines, stick shifts, and chassis that liked to be driven hard -- in straight lines, through corners and, yes, sideways all day.But despite the adoption of the Q prefix and an upgraded VQ engine and other mechanical upgrades along the way, this car feels amazingly similar to what I remember from more than a decade ago. That's not a bad thing on one hand, as I just expressed my enthusiasm for those models at that time. On the other hand, competitors have passed it by in terms of refinement, styling a

Nicer and a tad more efficient with the V6.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover HSE review notes


EDITOR WES RAYNAL: Does this 2014 Land Rover Range HSE look like a minivan to you? Doesn't to me either, but this morning I got pulled over and, long story short, the officer thought he'd nabbed a minivan he got speeding on his radar. But I digress…It's no secret around here I love me some Range Rover. Always have, even when they were -- ahem -- not the planet's most reliable SUVs.In my opinion to this day the Range Rover is about the only car/truck available that you can bash around in the woods and mud all day then hose it off and drive it to the opera or a black tie dinner that night. I also happen to think Land Rover/Range Rover is one of the great global brand names in cardom. That goes for Jeep, too.I love the stories I've heard about how Land Rover was working on the first Range Rover prototypes back in the '60s. Engineers developed the chassis and suspension then hung crude body panels on it just so they could drive and test it on the streets. Land Ro